Why I quit Lunarpages

I used Lunarpages as my hosting company for around five years. Through that, I exercised extreme patience with their mistakes, knowing that they were in a flurry of improvement.

Finally, I realized one day, "Why am I putting up with this?" So I canceled my domain registrations and my hosting.

Months later, Lunarpages tried to charge me for domain renewal. And this wasn't the first time they had goofed in this way. It was the second. The last time, when I called to say "what gives?" they looked me up and found out that indeed, I had requested cancelation of a domain registration months before.

So this time I was really concerned. I called, and requested that the feedback email state clearly that the domain registration would be cancelled. The rep assured me, but alas, their feedback email a few minutes later said only that hosting would be cancelled.

So I had to be on hold again. Total on hold plus talking to two different people was about an hour and a half of my precious time. And the gal I spoke to this time interrupted me again and again and again. She seemed disinterested in why I was aggravated. She also stated that I was "short with the last rep."

If I could count up the total number of my business hours lunarpages wasted in the last five years, it would be maybe fifteen hours or so.

I'm a sucker, I know. But at least I've left them now, and become (hopefully) disentangled completely today, and at least I get to share my experience with my readers.

Now I use Blogger instead.

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Well, just google it. You get the idea.

Watch movies while you mow

Movie watcher? Change mowing your lawn into a joy

My yard is pretty big, and mowing takes hours. Boring! If you like music, the boredom is easily remedied. You get an Ipod and some earbuds, and you're all set.

But I need something more engaging to keep me from counting grass blades. Happily, I have some favorite movies on DVD that never get old. Not that I'm actually going to view the screen. That would be dangerous. I need to view the lawn. And besides, the sun glare would make it impossible on a little screen.

But favorite movies can be listened to. I'm sure there are a dozen ways to set this up. I'm telling you today what I did.

Equipment I already had:

1. Some favorite DVDs
2. Kindle Fire
3. ES3 File Explorer Manager (Note: download this only if you don't already have a file explorer tool on your Kindle Fire)

Equipment I acquired:

1. Pouch O' Roo
2. PAVTUBE DVD Ripper (Note: the free version puts a watermark on the video but who cares? You're mowing. Or shoveling snow. However, if you don't want that watermark, you can pay a very reasonable $35 for PAVTUBE.)

How to Rip a DVD for Kindle Fire

1. Open Pavtube DVD Ripper, insert the DVD disc to your computer drive, and then click the "DVD Disc" icon to navigate to the video you want to convert. 
2. Choose Format > Android > Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264(*.mp4) as the output format.
3. Click "convert".
4. Click "open" to locate your new MP4 video file.

How to get your ripped DVD onto your Kindle Fire

1. Connect your Kindle Fire HD to your PC using a USB cable.
2.  View "my computer" or "computer" or wherever you go to see external drives. You will see your Kindle Fire.
3. Find your ripped DVD (probably in users-->username-->videos). If it ripped without a title, give it a title.
4. Copy your ripped DVD and paste it into the Video folder on your Kindle. (Note: Don't put it in the .AmazonInstantVideo subfolder if it's there. That's only for videos bought through Amazon.)
5. Use a file explorer tool that's already on your Kindle Fire to find the videos folder. If you don't have a file explorer tool on your Kindle Fire, then download one. I use ES3 File Explorer Manager.  6. Load up your Kindle Fire into your Pouch-O-Roo. Plug in some headphones. Click on the video. Enjoy.

Note: For safety reasons, keep the volume reasonable. That way, you won't hurt your ears, and you'll be able to hear the environment around you.

And one more thing: Make a backup DVD