AbeBooks complaints

Usually, I use Amazon.com to buy my books, but this time I went for the cheapest version of a pricey technical book, and found that abebooks.com sells an international version for about half the price.

I should have checked the reviews first. It's so easy. Just google "abebooks.com complaints" and you'll find out what I found out the hard way.

And so, I'm blogging my complaint in order to add to the easily accessible truth, and I hope you read it before you make your purchase.

The events:

  1. On August 30, I placed my order.
  2. The order invoice said Estimated Delivery: on/before September 8, 2013
  3. On September 9, I filled out their online form to ask where my book was.
  4. I received this reply, "Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you..I may inform you that this shipment was shipped but lost in the transit and tracking number of this shipment is not traceable and  our courier person does not tell us the information regarding this parcel. So we will reship  your book by DHL on priority mail and tracking no updated on the abe site. It will receive by you soon." 
  5. On September 10, I filled out another form and said "It's now September 10, and the book that you have re-shipped still hasn't arrived. Can you tell me what day it will arrive? Can you give me a tracking number please?"
  6. On September 11, they said "We will reship your book as soon as possible." 
  7. I replied, "Do you mean you haven't re-shipped it yet? I want to cancel my order immediately and you need to refund my charge card immediately. "
  8. On September 12, they said "We will issue the refund as soon as possible." 

As soon as possible? How about right away? I no longer trust them, so I've disputed the charge on my credit card. Let my charge card handle this.