Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Instead of Teamviewer on Chromebook

Instead of Teamviewer on Chromebook

I have laptops and desktops strewn about, and I use Windows and Ubuntu. I have gotten along nicely with Teamviewer ever since I abandoned logmein when it became no longer free.

But now that I recently got a Chromebook, I ran into an interesting problem. I wanted to teamview into my Windows desktop from my Chromebook. I was able to, but the mouse control is displaced. From experimetnation, I figured out that this happens when I have my desktop display extended to a second display.

In my case, that second display is a big screen television, on which I'm watching movies in VLC. I don't want to change the configuration. There was no fixing the displacement problem and it made Teamviewer unusable for me.

After some googling I discovered a Chrome app called Chrome Remote Desktop. Once I installed that in both my Chromebook and my Windows desktop, my problem was sufficiently solved.

I have to muck a little bit with settings because of the external display, and the rendering still isn't perfect, but it's at least usable.

And one more odd thing--currently there is no support to connect TO a chromebook using Chrome Remote Desktop. You can only connect FROM a chromebook to some other computer. I see a message on my Chrome book saying "this feature is not yet available for Chromebooks...stay tuned."

(The computer you are connecting TO must be running the Chrome Remote Desktop app of course.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Use the hard drives from inside your failed NAS (in Windows)

Use the hard drives from inside your failed NAS (in Windows)

  1. Remove the hard drive(s)
  2. Use a Sabrent adaptor to connect your hard drive to your computer by USB
  3. When Windows tells you to format, say no
  4. Run EaseUS
  5. Find the disk in EaseUS and select "delete all partitions" and click "apply"
  6. In the partition column of EaseUS, right click on the partition for that disk and you'll see the choice to "create partition." Click on that. Then click "apply"
  7. You don't have to format. It's ready to be used.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quicken 2014 Crash When Opening Program or File

Quicken 2014 Crash When Opening Program or File

Quicken 2014 wouldn't load today. I didn't even see a momentary splash screen, as the fix below mentions it should. I was able to fix it using the Quicken guidelines below, but only had success with the second "manual" solution.

Fix for Quicken 2014 Crash

Friday, October 17, 2014

Facebook how to unfriend without unfriending

Facebook how to unfriend without unfriending

  1. Position your cursor as though you are about to type your status
  2. At bottom right of the text box is a blue box with a down arrow. Open that.
  3. You will see "custom" as one of your sharing choices
  4. Select "custom" and you will see you can do an include and an exclude
  5. Include your friends, and exclude any individual that you want to exclude
  6. Alternatively, you can do an include of only selected individuals
  7. Click on save changes
  8. Now when you post, you can decide whether to post to friends or to custom
  9. You can change or add or subtract any time you want

Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to get your free T-mobile on HP Chromebook

So my pretty teal refurbished Chromebook came in the mail today and the instructions to get the free T-Mobile did not work.

Turns out it came with a SIM card that I have to insert myself.

  1. Remove the perforated SIM card from the credit card-sized  t-Mobile card. Set aside.
  2. Go to the lower right-hand of the chromebook screen, click on the Wi-fi icon, click settings
  3. Select wi-fi network, and from the drop-down menu select disable wi-fi
  4. Power down the Chromebook
  5. Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot. Aim it so the cutoff edge is at the 11 o'clock position.Push it all the way in so it is flush against the side of the chromebook.
  6. Power up the Chromebook
  7. Go back into settings and click on mobile data
  8. Enable mobile data roaming
  9. A window will come up to help you finish registering