Greatcall sponges off of old people

Watch out all senior citizens who decide to get a Jitterbug cellphone. The company is now Greatcall, and they take advantage of seniors.

Today a senior citizen called GreatCall to obtain a password so that a relative could help. During the call, the senior did not receive the password, but did get sold insurance on her phone that she does not need.

With the help of the relative,  a followup phone call was placed to state that she does not need the insurance and should not have been given the hard sell. The response from the rep on the phone was to go speak to his supervisor, then to come back to the phone, and try another hard sell.

He even tried to push the lost handset insurance based on his finding that the senior's phone was old. This not only didn't make sense, but they had the wrong phone in their data banks. Her old phone has already been replaced recently.

Only with push back from the relative did the rep back down and cancel the insurance. But when asked, he stated that there would be no snail mail or email confirmation that the insurance was cancelled. So now the relative will have to watch for the next bill.

As an afterthought, I decided to look up the fine print on that replacement insurance they tried to sell her and here it is:

*Monthly fee is per phone. This service added per phone on Simply Share accounts. You must wait 60 days after enrollment before requesting a replacement phone. Maximum of 1 replacement per 12-month period. Manufacturer warranty not applicable to replacement phone. $25 deductible includes a delivery of a replacement phone in gently used condition within 7 days.

So apparently, the promised replacement phone is not even a new phone, and it's not free, and has no warranty. Gee, where can I sign up?

In case someone from GreatCall is reading this -- you need to know two things:

1. Senior Citizens who live in Independent Living Facilities or Assisted Living, and who never go off-site, are extremely unlikely to ever lose their phones.  And if they did, the chance of it being returned is as close to a hundred percent as you can get without reaching a hundred percent.

2. A senior citizen is not likely to think on their feet during your hard sell, and is easily subject to persuasion. Stop taking advantage of seniors.

Try googling GreatCall complaints.