Electric Fireplaces Direct reedems themselves

Below I wrote of some bad experiences I had with a company that sells electric fireplaces, but scroll down to the bottom and you will see the happy epilogue. This company, in my opinion, has redeemed themselves, and I will continue to be a customer. Here is my original post:

I've never had worse online service as I've experienced with www.electricfireplacesdirect.com

It started with my calling them to be helpful. Their advertising had landed in my spam folder, and I thought they'd want to know. I explained that they just need to tweak their email ads a little bit so this doesn't happen. The rep on the other end didn't seem to care, and acted offended.

Then I tried to change my password. There is no way to change your password on their site, including you cannot request to have it reset.

So I filled out their email form to ask how to change my password, and never got an answer.

So then I called. The rep told me to hang on, then I got connected to a recording from another company.

So I called back, and she told me there's no way to change my password.

I said, "So if a customer calls and wants to change their password, you say 'Sorry'?"

She replied, "Maam, there's no need to be aggravated. I'll find someone to help you." Then I was on hold for ten minutes.

Then she asked for my name. I was put on hold for a third time. Then she came back and gave me a new temporary password and told me to use that to sign in and then change my password. I asked where does one do that. She didn't know. I reminded her that the reason I called was to find out where on the website I could change the password, and now her answer is "it's somewhere on the site." She then repeated, "Maam, I'm trying to find out for you."

I was put on hold for a fourth time. While I waited, I tried the new password. It didn't work.

All told, I had been on the phone twenty minutes, and then got disconnected.

I don't want to buy from them any more.  It's unfortunate because I really liked the item I bought from them, but as an I.T. Professional, I am not confident that their site is secure. And they're unprofessional as well.


A few day after I posted my problems online in this blog, I received an email from the company. I followed the link, and it did indeed work. They fixed their functionality so that customers can change their passwords, and have shown serious concern about their customer service issues as well. The email included this:

"I wanted to follow up and let you know that we have added functionality to our site to allow customers to change their password with ease. We thank you for your feedback which has led to site improvements.

"To do this the customer will need to sign into their account: Electric Fireplaces

"Then choose change password (red button toward the top of the new screen).
Follow the steps on the next screen, save. Let me know if you run into any further problems. I have addressed with our sales staff the customer service issues you mention in your blog post.  We are continually training to improve our service. I hope you will consider amending your blog post to note these changes."