Android won't encrypt

If your Android Refuses to Encrypt

I have an LG Lucid that refused to be encrypted. It would start the process, then reboot, then be back to normal. When I looked in the security settings, it did not have the resultant "encrypted" message that it should have.

When I googled the problem, I found about a dozen different solutions that worked for different people.

The one that worked for me is to run the encryption in safe mode.

  1. The phone will reboot quickly, as it did with the failed methods, but if you watch closely, you should get a message this time that assures you it's encrypting.
  2. Because other methods have failed you, you might be in a hurry to give up on this one. So be sure and let your phone do its thing. Mine only took ten minutes, but they say it can take up to an hour and a half.
  3. When you're done encrypting, remember to disable safe mode. 

How to Enable Safe Mode

  1. Turn the phone completely off.
    1. Press and hold the Power button until the LG logo appears then release.
    2. With the LG logo still onscreen, press and hold the Volume down key (located on the left-edge of the phone).
    3. Continue to hold Volume down key until 'Safe mode' appears in the lower-left of the unlock screen then release. It may take up to 45 seconds to complete.

    How to Disable Safe Mode

    1. Press and hold the Power button.
    2. Select Power off and restart.
    3. Select OK.

    No chromecasts found on router

    I write this godforsaken blog mostly for my own reference, so when I need a solution I came up with once before but have no memory of it, and I google the problem, I find my own blog with the answer.

    That said, here goes with a note to self:

    "Hey stupid. The next time you get the message 'No chromecasts found,' remember to reboot the router."