Create a slide show of pictures and order them by folder name using Powerpoint 2010

I have hundreds of pictures in several folders on an external  hard drive that I wanted to turn into a slideshow. I'm doing my music separately using selections from youtube in the background, so I just wanted something that would meet my criteria for a good visual.
  1. It has to allow me to order my pictures by folder name. This is because I had labeled each folder by year, and I wanted the similar pictures within each folder to stay together by name as well.
  2. It has to allow some control over transition from one picture to the next. I like "fade."     
After trying a few freebies, and a few built-in Windows tools, I finally figured out that Powerpoint 2010 will do what I want.

  1. Open Powerpoint 2010
  2. Click insert
  3. Click photo album
  4. Click new photo album
  5. Click file/disk
  6. Open folders until you reach the first set of pictures
  7. Use ctrl-A to select any or all the pictures in the first folder
  8. Click insert
  9. Click file/disk again
  10. Continue to select and add pictures
  11. When done selecting, click picture layout
  12. Click create and wait patiently if you have a lot of pictures
  13. On the left side, use ctrl-A to select all the pictures
  14. Click transitions
  15. Click fade
  16. While in transitions, under advance slide, change the number from 0.00 to 5.00 and check the box that says "after."
  17. Click design, then background styles, then black
  18. Click file
  19. Click save
  20. To show the slide show, click slide show, then click from beginning