Bad service from Valley Physician Services Inc.

With the best companies, I pay right away. With the others, I make sure I've paid by or before the deadline. Mediocre companies are still entitled to timely payments, just as mediocre waiters are still entitled to their tips.

But Valley Physician Services needed a third approach. Why?
  1. Their service has been terrible.
  2. Their phone reps have been unkind. 
  3. Their bills read "payment due upon receipt" even though they don't merit such a request, as a very small business would.
I'd go into detail here about their service, but wish to have no more of my time wasted. Suffice it to say they tried a squirrely way to charge me for something I never owed, and we spent hours, time, headache and stamps trying to straighten it out. Once it was straightened out through great effort and research on our part, and they saw that indeed we owed no money, no apology came forth, even upon request.

Ordinarily, a "payment due upon receipt" is met with a quick payment by any reasoning customer, as I certainly have always done for my landscaper, among others.

This not being an ordinary case, I'm using the flip side of such a general payment guideline--there is no due date.