How to prepare a fire baton

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Note that you need to start the soaking process at least an hour and a half before showtime.


  1. Choose a fuel station far from the performance area. Must be clear of fallen leaves, pine straw, brown (winter) grass, brush or other flammable material. Know that dead leaves still in trees can also ignite above you. Check your performance area carefully. Equip your fuel station with a fire blanket and an extinguisher. The extinguisher is only for a bucket fire -- not for a person on fire.
  2. Choose your performance area in the same way as your fuel station.
  3. Fill a glass pickle size jar or a coffee can with a combination of standard tiki torch oil and White Gas (Coleman camping fuel) -- just high enough to cover the wick.
  4. Place one end of the fire baton completely into the oil. Leave it there for 45 minutes.
  5. Shake out the excess fluid and let drip, or spin off the excess fuel into sandwich bags
  6. Place the soaked wick on a large piece of aluminum foil
  7. Fold top half of foil over the soaked end of baton, then fold one side of foil in, the roll foil around to seal the wick.
  8. Turn the baton upside down and repeat the process with the other wick
  9. If you need to travel with it, put it in a big plastic bag, with the foil still on the ends 
  10. Shake out any excess fuel and light the ends with a lighter
  11. Put on your show
  12. Have a "Spotter" ready with the wet towel or small wool blanket to wrap around each wick to extinguish the flame. They can either lay the towel on the ground first, or wrap it around the wick at arm level.

  1. Wet towel to put out the wicks
  2. Aluminum foil
  3. Tiki torch oil mixed with White Gas (Coleman camping fuel)
  4. Lighter
  5. Glass jar or aluminum coffee jar 
  6. Small wool blanket or moistened 100% cotton, bath-sized, towel
  7. Sandwich bags and twist ties
  8. Wear tight clothing that is 100 percent cotton. Viscose is also a safe fabric. Avoid any synthetic fabric made from petroleum that could melt when exposed to heat. A small amount of spandex is okay.
  9. Wet hair with plain water, wrap in a bun.

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