How to fix "Unable to connect to the proxy server" error

I had some malware on my Windows 8 computer that mucked with proxy server settings. I fixed it by following the instruction in this youtube video.

Solved: Software Updater has discovered a newer version

It's malicious and it's called IDP Program.

It's a popup in Windows 7 that says "Software Updater had discovered a newer version for" and then it names an app I have running on the computer.  

It also says: Keeping SnagIt "up to date is important for you computer's security and stability. Read more about the latest features of"

It then says "You may also enjoy installing these optional offers:"

It has a decline button and and Update & Install button.

Its title is simply "Software Updater."

I've shown here an example with SnagIt, but IDP has also popped up showing updates for Ccleaner and Origin.

Here's the explanation from AVG:

"IDP Program is a malicious software that can be used to interfere with the normal operation of a computer, gather personal information or allow a hacker to access the device remotely without the user's consent. 

"This kind of malware usually arrives in the form of an unwanted download from a malicious website or as code illegally injected into a legitimate website without the webmaster's knowledge. It can also be received as an email attachment or an instant message from an untrusted source. 
by AVG ThreatLabs"

I also learned that its name is VOPACKAGE.EXE

The solution is to run adwcleaner. The instructions are here: Remove VO Package

I didn't bother with the first step, removing it from "add or remove programs" because it's sneakier than that. Just go on to the second step.