Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cablevision can't make up their mind if they want their remotes back or not.

I called Cablevision, whom I no longer use for television viewing, to find out if they want all fifteen remotes back. The rep said yes I must send them back so I am not billed. And no I won't have to pay for shipping. She directed me to the online prepaid label.

The prepaid label was there, and so was an explanation that if I choose to mail back my remotes, it's at my expense. That contradicts what the rep told me on the phone.

So then I entered a chat, and got a third, different, set of facts. This chat rep told me
that I don't have to send the remotes back at all. Nice. Here's the chat transcript. I think my favorite part was when she apologized for Miss Information. Yes indeed, that first phone rep could be voted Miss Information of the year. But so could their website.

New party ('JEAN') has joined the session
JEAN: Hi, my name is JEAN H and I will be assisting you today.
JEAN: Good Morning
Mike Moran: Hi. I want to return some remotes because I don't use
cable tv any more. I just got off the phone with a rep who said it
would not be at my expense, but the website says it WOULD be at my
expense. Which is true?
JEAN: Please verify name address and phone number that is on account
please? Who am I speaking with please?
Mike Moran: Linda Moran or Mike Moran 504 Darby Court Ridgewood New
Jersey 201-305-3488
JEAN: thank you
JEAN: Who am I speaking with please?
Mike Moran: Mike
JEAN: Thank you Mike Moran please tell the remote you want to return
please describe it for me please
Mike Moran: I do not know how to describe it. it's the only kind I
know. It has a big IO button in the middle
JEAN: Does it have A B C only?
JEAN: at the top of the remote
Mike Moran: It has an A, a B, and a C. I don't know what you mean by
"A B C only"
JEAN: Ok thank you
Mike Moran: Oh and I have about fifteen of them
JEAN: Great news no worry about any fee may keep the remote
Mike Moran: My store never wanted them back
Mike Moran: Oh. So just to be sure I understand, you're telling me I
don't have to return the remotes?
JEAN: Yes it is our older remote that has ABC at top and blue arrow buttons
JEAN: Was there anything else?
Mike Moran: Okay so let me understand one more thing.
JEAN: How may I help?
Mike Moran: The rep on the phone told me I have to return them and
that if I didn't, I would be billed for them. Does this mean she was
Mike Moran: Please understand that this presents a dilemna to your
customer. Whom do I believe?
JEAN: Sorry for the miss information
Mike Moran: So you are certain that the information you gave me is
correct? Please send this chat to me when wer'e done. I'll
understandably need this paper trail
JEAN: Sorry there is no option on chat to be sent by email
JEAN: What number may I reach you please so I may inform
JEAN: you by phone ?
Mike Moran: Okay I'll copy and paste. But please answer my question.
You are sure that your inforamtion is the correct information?
JEAN: Yes we no longer give the remote with abc option on top of
remote and that is why or local optimum store did not take the remote
as well
Mike Moran: Telephones don't have paper trails.
JEAN: Yes that is correct but is recorded for Quality assurance
Mike Moran: Okay that's good information. Thanks for that. You have a
great day. If you have a means to escalate this chat, I'd suggest
doing so. Your management needs to know that you were forced to
contradict another rep.

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