Slideshow on my TV using the Amazon Firestick

There are many ways to run a slideshow on your tv these days. Here's what I picked. And by the way, I created this slideshow to have running while the realtor is showing the house to prospective buyers.

It shows the outside of the house in various seasons, and children playing in the yard. It's a step up from my realtor's suggestion to have a coffee table book out with pictures of the house in different seasons.

After some research, I decided to use the Amazon firestick for the app that would make the slideshow, and Amazon Cloud to store my photos. And I would use Pandora, also available on the firestick, for the music.

  1. Get an Amazon cloud account. It's free if you have Amazon Prime.
  2. Plug the Amazon firestick into an HDMI port on the tv. Plug the power supply into the wall.
  3. Use the Amazon firestick remote to locate the Photos function.
  4. Select "all" and select "start slideshow."
  5. Crank up some music in Pandora on a nearby computer or phone. If you're using the free version of Pandora, then sure it's running in Chrome and that you have the Chrome extension "Pandora listener" extension enabled. This extension suppresses the "Are you still listening" feature of the free Pandora. I used "Relaxation Radio." Alternatively, play Pandora from the firestick.


  1. Does the photo slideshow feature on the Firestick loop?


    1. Yes. Your slideshow automatically restarts when it reaches the end. You can manage your Slideshow settings by pressing the Menu key on your remote. Adjust settings like slide style, slide speed, and start time, while you preview the Slideshow in the background.

  2. hi i am having trouble making the slideshow to loop. it stops at the end of the show

  3. hi i am having trouble making the slideshow to loop. it stops at the end of the show


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