Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disable DHCP on Buffalo NAS

I have more technology than I understand. And that's why I ended up with two problems related to my Buffalo NAS backup device.

  1. After I set up a Windows bookmark link in my browser so I could see my Buffalo NAS files from the cloud, it worked for a while, then stopped. (This was a problem because I should have been able to see my NAS files from any computer anywhere in the world.)
  2. When I cleverly turned my NAS device into a backup source for Crashplan by using MKLINK, it worked for a while, then stopped. (This was unfortunate because I wanted everything on my NAS device to be backed up to the cloud.)

Why did these two things happen? Duh. Because I had DHCP enabled, which means dynamic IP. And that means every time I would reboot the router, it would assign a new IP to my NAS.

Well, I'm slow but not stopped. At least dawn broke over marblehead.

So today I went into the web interface for my NAS, and disabled DHCP. The interface made it easy to do this because upon disabling DHCP, it offered me the current IP I had been recently using as my Static IP. I knew that IP address was free because it had just been assigned to my NAS by my router and I had been using it already.

Problems solved (hopefully). I'll update this post if I run into further problems.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quicken now has native English speaking customer support

Here is a comment I lifted from's page about Quicken 2016, which I think is worth repeating. The important part is in bold.

Vastly improved software from 2015 version. It installed seamlessly. Even automatically uninstalled and saved my data and imported it without me having to do a thing. Only downside of installation was the update portion of the install did take quite some time.

Another positive point I have notices is quicken has improved their customer support. If you call during normal business hours and days you actually get someone state side that can actually resolve your issue. Just be prepared to be on the phone a while as they run you through a bunch of preliminary troubleshooting before resolving the actual issue, but this process while lengthy does make sure you don't have other unknown issues.

If you use the chat or email support you usually get someone offshore that is clueless or doesn't understand English well. I guess this time Quicken actually listened to its customers feedback and did something about it. kudos for that.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Solved! Windows 10 critical error: start menu and cortana not working

When I googled the error, I mostly saw suggestions for pressing F8 repeatedly while rebooting. But that didn't work.

What did work was to uninstall Avast Free.

I also learned I do not need to replace Avast because without a third party AV, Windows 10 will activate Windows Defender, and that's good enough.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Solved: HP laptop Windows 10 restore disk shows red

My restore partition was showing low free space and was therefore an angry red. I know that HP cuts close their space usage on the restore disk, thus kicking off a Windows warning in the form of a red bar.

In my case, I discovered that restore points were being saved to the Recovery Drive. This should not have happened so it's okay to delete them.

So here's how I deleted them and got the bar to turn green:

  1. Right click on the recovery drive and select properties
  2. Click disk cleanup
  3. Click clean up system files
  4. Click the more options tab
  5. Under System Restore and Show Copies click clean up
  6. When Windows asks if you want to delete all but the most recent restore point, click delete
  7. Click ok
  8. Click ok
  9. Another window will come up asking Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files. Click delete
  10. The bar should turn blue