Plex Media Server Channels blocked on Roku

I installed the Plex media server on a dedicated Windows 7 machine, and proceeded to try adding channels. I tried on the server side and I tried on the client side (the Roku).

But no matter which way I added channels, they only showed up on the server. I found out they were being blocked.

I solved it by opening port 32400 in the Windows firewall. To do this:

  1. Go into Windows Firewall
  2. Advanced settings
  3. Click on inbound settings
  4. Click on new rule
  5. Select port
  6. Under "Specific local ports" add 32400

Smart AC adapter message

I had my HP Envy for one month when I got this message:

The Smart AC Adapter connected will power your computer, but potentially at a reduced performance level. Your computer is designed to vary performance as needed when a smaller capacity Smart AC Adapter is connected. Resource intensive tasks may cause your system not to perform at its highest level with a smaller capacity Smart AC Adapter. Please connect a higher capacity Smart AC Adapter for full performance.

Here are the specs on my computer:

Windows 8.1 (x64) (build 9600)
Hewlett-Packard HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC
2.60 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4510U

My Solution:
In my case, I think it was because I had moved it, and when I moved it, I plugged it into an extension cord and not a power strip. The message didn't come back. However, I did my research anyway, and here are some solutions that other people found. Clearly, this message can come up for multiple reasons.

Solution 1:

  1. Turn the computer off
  2. Remove the power cable and the battery
  3. Hold down the power button for one minute
  4. This should reset the hardware
  5. As you turn it back on, tape the F10 key. This will load BIOS setup
  6. Press F9 to load defaults
  7. Press Fw10 to save and exit
  8. When the computer boots back up, check to see if eerything is working
Solution 2:
  1. Here is a link to a number to give HP a call and see what options they may have to replace the adapter. About a year agp I started seeing the message about the adapter not having sufficient power. I called HP warranty service because I was in the warranty period. I was promised a new adapter and it arrived in less than a week. Great! Oh, but wait - the original adapter is 90 Watts and the replacement only 65. Hmmm, guess what the replacement gets the message about insufficient power. So went back to the original adapter and after a couple of updates from HP stopped seeing the message. Coincidence? Maybe not since others have seen this problem since that time.
Solution 3: 
  1. Do a BIOS update
Solution 4:
  1. Open HP Power Manager
  2. Selecct and apply HP suggested power management.
  3. Close out of HP Power Manager
  4. Message is gone
Solution 5: 
  1. Push the adapter firmly into place
Solution 6:
  1. Plug directly into the wall or in a power strip, not into an extension cord.