Solved: Google Play app stuck on install and has stopped

Google Play install stuck and  " has stopped"

I tried installing Winstreak on my android phone but it appeared to be installing forever and was never installed. I tried the install from my Google Play Store on my computer, and I tried the install from Google Play Store on my phone. No joy.

To fix the problem, here's what I tried on my phone, but it did not work.

Stop the app from installing
Go to settings
Select All tab
Select Google Play store
Force stop
Clear cache
Clear data
Uninstall updates ("the application will be replaced with the factory version")
Turn off phone
Took battery out and put it back in
Turn phone back on
Make sure it's connected to Wifi
Open Google Play Store and accept terms
Try a new install of Winstreak
No joy

That's when I noticed that whenever I try to go back into Google Play Store, I was getting this message: "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." I had been ignoring this. So I googled the message and found this solution.

This worked:

settings-->apps-->all-->download manager-->tap to open download manager-->disable-->enable