Match a picture with some audio and put it on facebook

My son left me a nice voicemail on mother's day. When I tried to upload it to facebook, I learned that it has to be paired with a video or picture to do that.

So I found some instructions online for using Windows Live Movie Maker to do just that.

 Part 1: Select your audio and image files

  1. Select Add videos and Photos from the bar at the top, then choose an image from your computer. This image will be displayed in your slideshow.
  2. Click Add music and select your audio track.

Part 2: Adjust the image to fit the audio track

To make sure the file is properly uploaded on YouTube, you’ll need to adjust the duration of the image to match the duration of the audio track on your timeline.
  1. Double click the green audio bar in the timeline, which will display “End point”. Copy the End point number (e.g. 261.49).
  2. Double click the image thumbnail in the timeline, and enter a duration equal to the length of the audio track. For example, if the audio track has a length of 261.49 the image duration should be adjusted to 261.49 as well.

Part 3: Save your file

  1. Choose Recommended for this project.
  2. After naming your movie, click Save.