How to share a cloud printer

So I bought a cloud printer. Epson 2660

Three of us want to use it.

I followed the directions, which said I must associate the printer with a google account. So I used my gmail address.

Once I did that, I couldn't figure out how to add more google accounts.

Then finally, I figured out that I cannot register it to more than one gmail address. I must now "share" the printer.

There are two options for sharing.

The first sends an email to specific accounts. The second is to make it public to anyone who receives the link.

I chose "public" and it then displayed the link, which I then sent to other household members. When they click on it, they can then verify that they want access to the printer.

I added the URL to Lastpass. I also added the URL of the control panel to Lastpass, and the IP address of the printer.

The control panel is "Epson Connect."