Solved: Symantec Endpoint Protection was preventing Get Windows 10

For My Windows 7 Professional SP1 computer, I tried all the methods suggested by Microsoft and others, to see the "Get Windows 10" icon in the system tray so I could reserve it for July 29, 2015.

I figured out a solution that I have not found anywhere yet. You see, my computer is running Symantec Endpoint Protection.

So I tried this and got success:
  1. Right click on Symantec Endpoint Protection in the system tray and select disable Symantec Endpoint Protection (or probably whatever means you want to get it disabled.) In my Symantec installation, this disabled it for just a few minutes.
  2. Open the task scheduler -->microsoft-->windows-->setup-->GWXTriggers
  3. Select refreshgwxconfig-B and run it (right click and you'll see the selection for "run")
  4. Success! I now saw the Get Windows 10 icon in the system tray almost immediately. It's a little four-part white window. I clicked on it, and reserved Windows 10.
  5. (Make sure you re-enable Symantec Endpoint Protection if it hasn't re-enabled itself yet.)
Some notes:
  1. From the reading I've done, I'm thinking that the icon might disappear again, but now I know that my computer most certainly is eligible and if, on July 29, I don't get the upgrade, I'll just follow these instructions again if I need to. Or, if at any time the icon disappears from the system tray and it's bugging me, I can probably run these instructions again. (I'm guessing.)
  2. For some reason unknown to me, when you run Windows update now on this computer, Windows Update does not show that Windows 10 is reserved (as it seems to do on my other computers). However, if I right click on the icon in the system tray, and select "Check your upgrade status" it does show that Windows 10 is reserved.

Power options not working

Windows 7 laptop. I have the power options set to turn off display after a minute. It stopped working.

I tried two things, and one of them worked:

  1. Unplugged the mouse
  2. Ran Adwcleaner

Transfer Office 2010 from one computer to another

I wanted to put Office 2010 on my new computer and activate it. But I wanted an installation of it on my old, backup computer, just in case something happens to my new computer.

It's okay with me to have an unactivated installation of it on the old computer, but I couldn't find a way to do that.

So here's what I did:

  1. Uninstall office from the old computer
  2. Install it on the old computer and activate it
  3. Re-install office back onto the old computer, and when it asks for the key, put the key in, but untick the little checkbox. You don't want it to try and activate.