Windows 10 on my Windows 8 laptop

So I had drastically altered my Windows 8 computer to make it behave like Windows 7 (see my other posts for details.)

I wondered what would happen when I took the upgrade to Windows 10.

It did what I wanted it to do and what it should do, as far as I can tell. At very least, it got rid of the classic shell.

I noticed at first that the start menu was buggy. Right clicking it worked, but left clicking sometimes results in nothing happening. After two more reboots, everything was okay.

It was a little disconcerting when right after my Windows 10 upgrade, I got the message "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting..."

It eventually righted itself but for all I know, it could have taken an hour because in frustration I went outside and watered the lawn while it was righting itself.

Keep in mind if you had stuff pinned to your classic shell, you'll have to re-pin because the classic shell is gone.

With Windows 10, there's also the option to pin to the "Quick Access" which sits at the top of file explorer.

All in all, it's working fine, and I'm liking it.

Updated my Plex Machine to Windows 10

I have a handful of Windows computers. I'm taking the Windows 10 update one computer at a time.

My old Windows 7 got turned into a Plex server a year ago. It doesn't hold the music; that's on a NAS device plugged into my router.

The Plex machine mostly holds the Plex server software that plays nicely with my Roku Plex app.

Today I upgraded that computer with Windows 10. It took about two hours. Once done, I checked on Plex. Plex still works. I can still play my movies and music and so forth.