Metal credit cards don't go through shredders

My Chase card is metal. I found out the hard way metal cards don't go through shredders. Instead, you have to call the credit card company and ask for a postage paid envelope so you can mail it to them. They get rid of it.

The questions remain:

  1. Do we trust the U.S. Mail? 
  2. Will the credit card company start paying for destroyed shredders?
The answers are no and no.

A stupid chat with

Here's a new one. The agent told me that Staples sends spam!

It was not spam at all. It was an email sent to me in error, saying there was still merchandise in my cart.

This is one of the vagaries of using underpaid agents from third world countries who speak too little English.

Here it is:

08/03/2015 01:26:19PMAgent (Sneha K.): "I sincerely apologize for the email you received, please discard it.It is a spam mail." 


Solved! Android does not support Google Play

There's a safe app called 1 Mobile Market. I use it on my Kindle Fire to download apps because android does not support Google Play.

From 1 Mobile: 1Mobile Market is the best way to quickly find and download the best free Android apps and games for your unique, mobile life. With the 1Mobile Market, you can: Download specific apps and games. Download the latest Angry Birds game, the official Facebook and Twitter mobile apps, and all the best, hot free apps and games direct from 1Mobile Market.