Solved: Windows 10 Critical Error Start Menu and Cortana aren't working

Microsoft knows about this error and have solved some of it but not all. In the meantime, I've found one solution that has worked for me, and another solution that others on message boards say works.

  1. My solution: Do a hard reboot. In other words, press and hold that power button until the computer shuts down. When I start it up again, everything is working. This is not a big shock because not all Windows resources are cleaned up on a soft reboot.
  2. Other solution: Do a soft or hard restart, and all the while it's booting, repeatedly press F8. 
Don't shoot me. I'm only the messenger.

My LG G4 wasn't syncing Gmail contacts

I added a contact to my new LG G4 VS986. I expected to then go to my computer, and see the new contact in my Gmail contacts.

I figured out there were two problems.

  1. My phone wasn't syncing contacts at all. I was getting this message "Contacts: Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." The only remedy I found from much googling was a free app that fixes contact syncing.
  2. Once I ran the app and the syncing was working again, the new contact still wouldn't sync. I eventually thought to edit the contact itself on the phone. There I saw choices of what kind of contact it is. I chose "Google contact." Then I ran sync again, and got joy.