Android apps demystified

Android phones come equipped to let you download apps from the Google Play Store.

If you want to sideload other apps (apps not from the Google Play Store) you'll need to jigger a setting to allow it.

Once you've allowed sideloading, I still wouldn't download any old app. Instead, I would make use of other stores.

The one I use is the Amazon store.

I've read there's also another store called Humble Bundle.

Further reading

Annoying Corel messages from Update Helper

Windows 10

I would get these pop ups from Corel that said "Corel Update Helper" and then something I could win. I wondered if it was malware.

Turns out it is indeed malware -- courtesy of Corel.

I think the culprit is pua.exe. I found it inside Corel Fastflick and another one inside Paint Shop Pro.

So I uninstalled Fastflick because I don't need it anyway.

And if the message still comes back, I will try deleting the pua.exe from inside the Paint Shop Pro folder.

MS Word 2007 was opening two instances, one of them blank

I don't know if the two events are related, but after I upgraded to Windows 10, every time I opened a saved word 2007 document, that document would open, but so would a blank Word document as well.

After some googling, I tried this and it worked:

  1. File explorer
  2. Right click documents
  3. Select properties
  4. Select the Location tab
  5. Click Restore Default
  6. Click OK

Turn my LG 4G VS986 into a mobile hotspot

When I don't have access to my home wifi, and I don't have access to free wifi, I can use my Verizon Android phone as a mobile hotspot.

  1. Settings-->More-->Mobile Hotspot-->on
  2. Choose from networks: Verizon VS986
  3. Choose connect
  4. Type in the pw shown on the phone if it's not already memorized on your computer

Adwcleaner when your own antivirus or antimalware isn't sniffing out the problem

This product is for malicious malware.

Always always: Download adwcleaner from a different computer onto a flash drive, and then install it on the potentially infected computer.

Only use adwcleaner on a one-time basis. Always download a new version when you're going to run it.

Adwcleaner will require a reboot at the end.

Your own antivirus should let you know it's scanning the adwcleaner and that it comes up safe.