Solved four problems while upgrading to Windows 10

Solved Four Problems related to installing Windows 10

This was a Windows 8.1 desktop. I was able to solve all four problems, but what a pain. A little nerve-wracking.

Problem 1: Never offered Windows 10

By September 20, Windows 10 was still not offered on this desktop, even though Windows reports that it is compatible.

I wondered if there was a corruption in the operating system. Because of other problems anyway, I restored to factory settings Windows 8. 

Within a few days, suddenly Windows 10 was available. The jury's out on this one.

Problem 2: Update failed

During update, Windows 10 installation failed with error code C1900107. When I googled it, I found out that many things can go wrong, and there are many remedies. So I did a handful of things at the same time. Then it worked. I don't know which remedy worked.
  1. Ran Windows Installation Fix
  2. Unplugged peripheral devices (microphone and headset)
  3. Turned off antivirus
  4. Rebooted

Problem 3: Blank screen after taking express defaults

Once I took the express defaults, I didn't stand there staring, but when I returned later to look at the computer, there was nothing but a blank screen and a blinking cursor. It didn't appear as though the hard drive was doing anything.

I googled the problem, which led to the question of maybe a graphics configuration issue. But we had not changed our settings from onboard graphics. Just for ha-ha's, though, I tried positioning the cursor blindly by hitting control and then typing in the windows password. But no joy. Didn't seem to be the graphics issue.

Then I decided to tap the power button. I mean, what's to lose? It flashed briefly "shutting down." Then when I turned it back on, Windows 10 was installed and everything seemed fine.

Problem 4: My Classic Menu was still there

I wasn't expecting this because back when Windows 10 was newer and first was generally available, installing it on my other computers seemed to wipe out the Classic Menu app, which was just fine, because the native Windows 10 start menu is good.

But on this computer, I had to use "Add or Remove Programs" to get rid of it. Once gone, the native Windows 10 start menu appeared and all was fine.

Force upgrade to Windows 10

Force Upgrade to Windows 10

Note: These instructions assume that your computer can handle Windows 10, and that you've done basic things like make sure your computer is plugged in.
  1. Download the Download Tool from here: (scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the button to click)
  2. After the download finishes (presumably to your download folder) find and run the MediaCreationToolx64.exe file
  3. When the Windows 10 Setup window appears, click Upgrade This PC Now
  4. It will start the download process for the Windows 10 upgrade files. This will take a while.
  5. Once the files are downloaded, it will automatically start the Window 10 upgrade process.
  6. Follow the guidance