Disable DHCP on Buffalo NAS

I have more technology than I understand. And that's why I ended up with two problems related to my Buffalo NAS backup device.

  1. After I set up a Windows bookmark link in my browser so I could see my Buffalo NAS files from the cloud, it worked for a while, then stopped. (This was a problem because I should have been able to see my NAS files from any computer anywhere in the world.)
  2. When I cleverly turned my NAS device into a backup source for Crashplan by using MKLINK, it worked for a while, then stopped. (This was unfortunate because I wanted everything on my NAS device to be backed up to the cloud.)

Why did these two things happen? Duh. Because I had DHCP enabled, which means dynamic IP. And that means every time I would reboot the router, it would assign a new IP to my NAS.

Well, I'm slow but not stopped. At least dawn broke over marblehead.

So today I went into the web interface for my NAS, and disabled DHCP. The interface made it easy to do this because upon disabling DHCP, it offered me the current IP I had been recently using as my Static IP. I knew that IP address was free because it had just been assigned to my NAS by my router and I had been using it already.

Problems solved (hopefully). I'll update this post if I run into further problems.