Quicken 2016 CC-502 with Target Redcard

Here's the latest information I can find so far, and it's pulled from here: December 16 update

UPDATE: The service provider for the financial institution that provides the Target Credit Card is currently blocking Intuit access.
Intuit is working with them to resolve this current block condition and re-establish connection for our mutual customers.
We have no ETA.

How to enable the fourth column of tiles in Windows 10 November update

To see this on your computer, type this as a cmd: winver

Windows 10 offered a November update that I never got. It's called the 1511 upgrade. Eventually at the end of December, I kicked off Windows update manually.

Among other improvements, that upgrade includes a fourth column of tiles for the start menu, but you'd never know it -- Microsoft decided to disable it for you.

How to get the 1511 November update

Note: this is a big update. Also note there are other ways to get to Windows Update. Here's one of them:
  1. Start menu
  2. Settings
  3. Update
  4. Check for updates
  5. Click on the "check for updates" box. (If Windows already offers updates, take them.)
  6. Note that once the update was completely done, and I waited a day, I saw that there were yet more updates available, including updates for Windows Defender. I don't know if these new updates would have been available had I not updated to 1511 and if they had, I don't know if they would have been automatically offered. It seems like Window Update in Windows 10 is kinda broken.

How to get the fourth column in your start menu

And now, back to the point of this post:

  1. Start Menu
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Type into the search box "start menu"
  4. From the search results, select "Show more tiles on start"
  5. Toggle "Show more tiles"

How to find Windows Updates in Windows 10

I don't know what Microsoft was thinking, but then again, that's a whole other topic, isn't it.

They buried Windows updates, as though no user would ever need to kick them off at will.

But here's a scenario, and when added to other possible scenarios, probably totals to a not uncommon need for a user to get to Windows updates:

My kid has two identical laptops at college. One is hidden under the bed, to whip out if the other one breaks. This backup laptop strategy works well for us, as her important files are backed up and are also accessible from the cloud. It provides peace of mind.

I know, I know, why not migrate to Chromebook? Sure, she can do that after college. We're sticking to what she's used to for now.

So she brought them both home for vacation. That way, we can get the spare up to snuff, as it stayed under the bed and therefore Windows updates were woefully back level. That's where the need for user access to Windows updates comes in.

If we let Windows do its own scheduling, the update process will take too long.

So anyway, yeah I found it. Here's how to get to Windows updates, and kick them off yourself.

  1. Type into the search box: Defender Settings
  2. Click on Defender Settings
  3. Click on Windows update
  4. It will tell you that updates are available
  5. Click on "install now"
  6. It might require some restarts. Keep repeating this process until there are no more updates
Note: I recommend then checking windows update history, to make sure you didn't have any failures. History is under "advanced"