How I overcame Windows 7 infinitely reverting updates

I tried everything. I spent a week trying to figure it out. Here's the background.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X230 (which has no CD drive) running Windows 7 Professional, that was now retired from company use. I couldn't entirely remove some of the workplace proprietary security software, as it had deep tentacles, so before upgrading to Windows 10, I decided to return the OS to factory settings, knowing it would take days to get all the Windows 7 updates back on, but I had the gift of time.

Returning the device back to factory settings worked fine, but every time it spent 3 or 4 hours installing updates, it would then reboot, say it was configuring, then would revert all the updates, also consuming many more hours.

I googled and googled. Tried it all.

After a few days of trying everything, I resorted to going back to factory settings again with my fingers crossed, but this was now disallowed. I don't know why. I could no longer return the device to factory settings.

Eventually I decided to act as if it was an instrumentation problem. So I proceeded with downloading Windows 10, even though Windows 7 update seemed to be shouting problems.

It worked. No problems. Computer fixed.