Bugs in Windows 10 Version 1607 the Anniversary Version

Windows Updates ran last night. I'm now at build 14393.187 and version 1607. This, I've learned through much pain, is known as the "Anniversary Version."

This is what I found this morning:

  1. Windows Store is pinned to my taskbar (I ditched that back when I upgraded to Windows 10)
  2. Microsoft Edge is pinned to my taskbar (I had ditched that too)
  3. An icon in my system tray (at the right end of the taskbar) showed "PC Status: Protected," but when I clicked on it, it brought up Windows Defender, and displayed a button to turn Defender on. The problem is, I had already had Windows Defender on. Is Windows update really turning off the AV? Or was the offer of the button what was wrong? This one is serious. If I had left Windows Update running in my office over the weekend, would my AV have been off until Monday?
  4. My start menu has reverted to the default state. All my customization is gone
  5. The lock screen was turned back on
  6. When I try looking at update history, I find this from this morning: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607. So far so good. Beneath it is today's date, and I can click on that. When I click on it, a small window comes up that says "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607 Install the Anniversary Version of Windows." Beneath that, it has a hyperlink for "more info." Great! But when I click on it, I get a page on the Microsoft site that says "this page does not exist." Nice.

I've found much discussion on the web about the vagaries of this "Anniversary Version" but interestingly, I haven't found anyone who says their start menu settings were gone. And everyone seems to be experiencing different problems.

Is the "Anniversary Version" a delivery of customized bugs?