Bulk delete your archived gmail

"If you use Gmail or Inbox, you will not be able to send or receive emails."

The above was a dire message sent to me in an email from the Google folks. It seems I'm forced to trim my Gdrive or start paying for storage.

The subject line, followed by the content email was this:

Your Google Drive bonus storage is about to expire.
We wanted to let you know that your bonus Google Drive storage expires on Nov 18 2016. You should consider purchasing additional storage, as you will be over your available storage limit when this bonus storage expires. Not upgrading your storage plan or freeing up space in Drive can adversely affect your use of Drive, Gmail, Inbox and Google Photos.
If you use Gmail or Inbox, you will not be able to send or receive emails.
If you use Google Drive, your files will remain safe and accessible by you and the people you’ve shared them with. You just won’t be able to add or sync any files.
If you use Google Photos, that service could also be affected, depending on your Photos settings.
The bonus storage offer that’s about to expire is:
Chromebook – 100G
The offer will expire on:
Nov 18 2016

I won't let Google force me to buy storage. And they don't make it easy to bulk delete your email. But there's a trick to get it done without going page by page. Here's what I did:

  1. If you have any email you want to save, such as the email sitting in your inbox, use the label function to give them a label such as "save these." Everything else will be bulk deleted.
  2. Now do a search in your email on "has:nouserlabels." This will produce a list of all your email that you will delete.
  3. Select "all."
  4. Then click "Select all XXXX conversations in Search results"
  5. Now click delete. 
  6. You will now see a message that says "Confirm bulk action. This action will affect all messages in this search. Are you sure you want to continue?" Click OK. The delete process could take a long time. You might see "still working." Do not touch your email until the task is done. I deleted 117,000 messages.
  7. Once the desired emails are deleted, you'll want to empty trash. To do this, click on "empty trash" and then you'll see at the top "Empty Trash Now." This could take a while too. Don't touch your email until it's done.