Quicken 2016 OL-220-A with Chase SOLVED!

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Chase Bank never told me that they stopped supporting Direct Connect. Even in two phone calls, it took a while for the second agent to respond "exactly" when I said "do you mean you don't support direct connect?" They wasted my time.

Quicken wasted my time too. They kept sending me to Chase, and Chase kept sending me to Quicken.

Ultimately, Quicken needed to tell me how to switch to Express Web Connect, but there's only one way to do it successfully if you have more than one Chase account in One Step Update, which they still hadn't figured out until I gave up on my second Quicken chat, slept on it, and figured it out myself. The second guy even did screen sharing with me, and watched me try to correct one account at a time, so that's how I know for sure that the agent had no idea this wasn't going to work.

Here's what I did to solve the problem:

  1. Whatever the current condition of your Chase accounts, get them all back to Direct Connect first (in other words, don't leave them disconnected from One Step Update.)
  2. Now go into one of them and deactivate the account (don't use Reset)
  3. Now attempt to activate that account again
  4. Follow the prompts until you see a choice of all your Chase accounts.
  5. Choose ALL of the Chase accounts that you want to fix
  6. Be sure and choose "link" for each of them so that they are linked to your existing Chase data in quicken. Choose "ignore" for any account that you never had linked and still don't want linked
  7. Now finish the process and you should see that all your Chase accounts have been switched over to Express Web Connect

The thing I had done wrong was to click on "ignore" on all but one account at a time. This caused more problems. Also it was a mistake to waste my time trying to get help from Quicken.