Zip Car can't get their story straight

Now that we are city dwellers, we've ditched car ownership, in favor of mass transit and zip car.

So far, we haven't had any problems with zip car.

But last week we rented a zip car for five days to vacation in the Poconos. While there, we never used the car. At departure time, we couldn't start the engine.

We called the zip car number on the zip card, and they determined remotely that the battery was dead. They offered to send out someone to jump it, but we thought it would be faster to get a jump from the retreat center where we were vacationing.

Before long, we got the battery jumped, and the car started, but had to extend our use of the car by an hour.

So, once home that same day, we called the number again and asked that we be credited for that extra hour. No problem. They said they would credit us.

But we got charged for the extra hour and were never credited after waiting a few days to see.

So we called them again, and they had not record of the phone call in which they said they would credit us. They apologized and said they would issue a credit.

Then we waited a few more days. No credit. So we called a third time, and they were apologetic again. The guy said they don't normally do credits of charges already applied in that situation, but that he will go ahead and give us  $25 credit in our account for our next ZipCar reservation.

A day later, we saw that they applied the credit to our account, but that it expires in exactly two months. And now, of course, we have to make sure our next use of zip car gets the $25 credit.

Not that impressive.