Solved! Windows update disables audio

Yesterday Windows 10 did an update, and then I had no audio. In my case, it was DaShen audio filter driver.

The troubleshooter failed to fix the problem, and every recommendation made by Mircrosoft for fixing it in Device Manager was useless.

Then I figured it out myself. Sometimes a bit has to be flipped, then flipped back.

In Device Manager, right click on your audio device and DISABLE it. Then ENABLE it again.


Update: It happened again September 17. This time, both realtek and Dashen were showing as having errors in device manager. I had to disable both, and then re-enable Dashen. Fixed!

New York Waterway Shuttles

So today I took the New York Waterway ferry shuttle from 34th street to the 39th street ferry but didn't get on the ferry. Instead I hopped onto another ferry shuttle-- the one that goes to WTC. The shuttles line the street in front of the 39th street ferry (which is at Pier 70).

The first bus took 34th to the Javitz Center at West Street, then made a right, then a u-turn to park in front of the 39th street ferry port.   

The second bus took 34th street to 7, and dropped me at Murray and West.

While on the second bus, along 34th, between 10th avenue and 9th avenue, I noticed that some people got on. That means I could have taken just one shuttle. I could have taken an east  bound ferry shuttle directly from 34th street to the WTC. It's clear that the bus drivers don't care whether you're using the ferry or not.

And they will pick you up and drop you at any MTA bus stop that is on their route.

The ferry has a few different routes, and it is always free.