My first use of IFTTT with Alexa

I like to use youtube with Alexa, and I do it by telling Alexa to connect to my phone. However, that does mean Bluetooth on my phone has to already be on.

I don't like to keep bluetooth off because it drains power.

With IFTTT, I can tell Alexa to turn bluetooth. Unfortunately, I haven't found how to use IFTTT to turn it back off.

Here's what I say to Alexa:

"Alexa trigger turn on bluetooth."

And how did I get this to work? I went into my IFTTT account and searched for Alexa applets.

Crashplan Pro unable to connect to backup engine

I noticed when booting my computer today that the Crashplan Pro taskbar icon was greyed out, and when I hovered, it showed that it's unable to connect to the backup engine.

I then tried opening the app, which got stuck on the CrashPlan splash screen displaying the error, "Unable to connect to backup engine, retry?"

All I had to do was restart the Crashplan Pro app. I'm running WIndows 10, so here is how I did it, but there are other ways:

  1. Open the start menu and type services.msc
  2. Right-click Crashplan Backup Service
  3. Click Stop. Wait for the progress bar to show completion
  4. Click Start. Give it a few minutes
  5. You should see the icon looking blue again, and it should be running, When you hover over the taskbar icon, it should say scanning files.