Epson Workforce 840 Cannot Communicate with the scanner (Windows 10)

I temporarily hooked up my printer by USB directly to my laptop.

But then when I returned it to wireless on the network, the scan function stopped working with the message: Cannot communicate with the scanner. Make sure the scanner is on, correctly setup and connected with no errors indicated. For detailed information, see Solving Problems in the User's Guide

Cannot communicate with the scanner

After some research, and a complete uninstall of all Epson products and a reinstall of the combo driver, it still didn't work. Curiously, the print function worked fine.

Then I googled the message and found this youtube video: Epson Scan Cannot Communicate with Scanner. I've reproduced the steps here here. It takes about two minutes to fix the problem.

  1. Go into printer properties on  your computer
  2. Copy the printer's IP address
  3. Go into Epson Scanner Settings on your computer
  4. Click network
  5. Delete the scanner that's there. It has either the wrong IP or no IP
  6. Add new scanner
  7. Under "enter address" put in the IP you found