How I got LAZY-HANDS 2-Loop Phone Grip to stick to my phone and you can too

Need a grip on your cell phone?

Those hard plastic rings for the back of your phone sound like a good idea until you try to put your phone in your pocket. It's a fail.

I recently discovered a type of loop that flattens because it's soft. It's called the Lazy Hands Grip. It works great on my LG G4 phone. My phone has a hard plastic case, so I stuck it to the case.

However, when I tried a Lazy Hands Grip on my husband's phone (Motorola Droid Turbo 2) it slipped off. He did not have a case for his phone, and adamantly did not want a case for his phone, as he thought it would be too bulky, so that's why I had tried attaching the grip directly to the phone.

That's when I went back into the Amazon description for Lazy Hands, and noticed this caveat: Does not adhere to silicone, gel, TPU, rubber cases or porous surfaces. I could see that his phone was porous and soft, and would have to have a suitable case.

I decided to search for a hard plastic case that was slim. Here's the case I bought. It worked!

The upshot is this: case or not, if what you're going to stick the Lazy Hands grip to is hard plastic, it will probably work. And I've learned from experience that this company doesn't charge for return shipping, so there's no risk in experimenting.

Here's the Lazy-Hands Grip.

Fun with Alexa

Two recent discoveries

  1. I have the Deebot robo vacuum, and Alexa has a skill for it. Now I can tell Alexa to tell Deebot to start cleaning
  2. I told Alexa to connect to my Android (by bluetooth) and then asked Google on my phone to tell me the weather. Apparently, Google has a voice similar to Alexa because the response is that Alexa tells me the weather (without my having preceded my query with "Alexa...").