Windows 10 reboot fails to reconnect mapped NAS drive

My network consists of Windows 10 Home Premium and a Buffalo NAS drive. Every time I boot I get a notification "Could not reconnect all network drives" I then go to "This PC" and there is a red X on the mapped NAS drive. When I double click on the Red X,  I get the directory listing of the mapped drive and the red X goes away.

It only seems to happen some of the time, because connection timing seems to vary from one boot to the next. This has been true for years, but I haven't found a fix yet.

It also means that sometimes I see a red X next to a mapped memory card for my Epson printer. I don't use that card.

The reason I want a fix is because I have a scheduled backup app called "Argentum" that runs while I'm connected. Its target is the mapped network drive.

My workaround right now is to change the target from mapped network drive letter to the network location name, which in my case is


Reinstalling Quicken 2016 Deluxe after mondo patch

  1. Install the original first. You can get this from your quicken online account. Do not open Quicken after the install
  2. Go to this page:
  3. Download the US version (not manual). Run the exe
  4. Now you can open Quicken, and sign in with your Quicken id
  5. Click on "upgrading" and find your file

My new Lenovo

My New Lenovo

  1. 15.6 inch display
  2. Doesn't offer Windows photo viewer
  3. Removed Mcafee
  4. Added Windows 10 Fall Creators Update successfully so I'm at version 1709
  5. On the first two days, the battery showed as 100% fully charged. But on the third day of use, I noticed that the battery is not charging. It says "99% available (plugged in, not charging). Lenovo Companion does not have Conservation mode on, so that doesn't explain it. I finally found this statement on a Lenovo page "If you add the AC adapter when the battery capaticity drops from 100% but still more than 95% (95% - 100%), the battery will not start charging. This is not a bug. It is due to battery charge self-protection feature." I'm guessing that at some point my AC adapter got unplugged, bringing the battery down to 99%. 
  6. Once I set up the computer, I checked msconfig, and it was normal startup (unlike my older computer that was stuck in selective startup.)
  7. If on the new computer, I still have scan IP problems with the 840, then do this:
    1. Give 840 its current address as a static IP
    2. Reboot router
    3. If that still doesn't work, then buy a new printer. Get a cloud printer that does double sided scanning
  8. Network discovery kept getting turned off so I went into Network and Sharing Center, and then sharing options, and saw that for private networks, network discovery was turned off, so I turned it on. Hopefully it's fixed
  9. I starting having problems with the internet being blocked, and with not seeing the NAS device. These are both connection problems that were probably caused by superantispyware, so I uninstalled superantispyware. Research does tell me that since Creators Update (I don't know whether they mean spring or fall) there have been conflicts between Windows Defender and other av/antimalware. This problem was the whole reason why I bought the new computer because I thought it was trashed, especially after I tried the clean boot that corrupted startup forcing it to be selective.
  10. I must remember never to do a clean boot ever again in my life.
  11. I must remember that if I ever suspect a virus, to go to Microsoft site and download their new scanner that they keep up to date in the cloud. Once downloaded, they say it expires after a few weeks.
  12. Quicken text size was too big and could not be changed by quicken settings, so I followed quicken instructions and went into properties for qw.exe-->compatability, and checked the box next to override high DPI scaling behavior. I don't see a change, but in any case, that box is checked now.
  13. I seem to have to keep logging in to Obi-wan. I tried changing advanced sharing settings. I tried updating the password in windows credential manager, and I tried changing workgroup to homenet. I also tried flipping a bit in network adapter properties (see below). But no joy until I thought to disconnect and then reconnect the network share. Then it worked, so I don't know what fixed it.
  14. I did have to set a static IP address for the 840 scanner.
start -> run -> ncpa.cpl
right click active network adapter -> properties -> uncheck "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" -> OK
right click active network adapter -> properties -> check "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" - > OK

My Old HP
  1. Sometimes the internet was blocked. Unblocked it by turning off windows firewall
  2. Msconfig was stuck in selective startup after doing a "Clean Boot." NEVER do a clean boot.
  3. Snipping tool left an artifact
  4. Printing left an artifact
  5. "Factory settings" is now called "reset this pc."