Lakeland Bank's infinitessimal improvement screwed up Quicken downloads

So Lakeland changed their user interface but I fail to see any substantial improvement. It did force Quicken One Step Update to fail.

I logged into the Quicken account, and discovered a page asking me to switch to electronic delivery which would not allow me to leave until I read the terms and conditions for electronic delivery, even though I want to continue paper.

Then it was unclear whether I still kept my paper delivery. It was a page not for mere mortals to understand.

After that, I still couldn't do a one step update in Quicken, so I did  a reset in Quicken, which resulted in two files instead of one, and a failed one step update.

I discovered that Quicken had created a temp file, so I had to google to find out how to delete it.

Then I went back into the remaining, correct, Lakeland, and disconnect, then reconnect. That got one step update working again.

I have two grievances with Lakeland about this:
  1. The confusing page about electronic delivery is either a new depth of stupid user interface, or it was on purpose to make people accidentally switch to electronic 
  2. Talk to Quicken about this poor API