The ferries that rescued the Hudson plane passengers

Watch the movie "Sully" carefully. You'll see the names of the first three New York Waterway ferries to come to the rescue when Captain Sully had to land the US Airways jet in the Hudson River in 2009.

In fact, the captain of the first ferry played himself in the movie.

They are in order of arrival:
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. Moira Smith
  3. Yogi Berra

Here's an article with the complete list. Below is an excerpt.
  • From the Thomas Jefferson, Capt. Vincent Lombardi and Deckhands Hector Rabanes and Wilfredo Rivera. They rescued 56 people from the plane.
  • From the Yogi Berra, Captain Vince Lucante and Captain Michael Starr. They rescued 24 including an infant and another child.
  • From the Athena, Captain Carl Lucas and Deckhands Luis Salerno and Danny Convery. They rescued 19 including the pilot.
  • From the Moira Smith, Captain Manny Liba and Deckhands Natale Binetti and Giulio Farnese. They rescued 14.
  • From the Thomas Kean, Captain Brittanny Catanzaro and Deckhands Osman Berete and Cosmo Mezzina. They rescued 26.
  • From the Admiral Richard Bennis, Captain John Winiarski and Deckhand Frank Illuzi. They rescued three.
  • From the George Washington, Captain Mohamed Gouda and Deckhands Jose Torres, Pepe Carumba and Gregorio Pages. They rescued one.