Code42 Cannot connect to background service memory solution that didn't work

Here's how to do it but it didn't solve my problem

For a few months now, I've had to manually restart Crashplan in Windows 10. I knew from googling that it was caused by the fact that I'm now backing up more than 1TB of files. However, all the solutions I found were for the old version of Crashplan.

...until today, when Code42's solutions finally popped up on the first page of google.

The solution is no fun, but here it is.

And here's my abbreviated set of instructions for my configuration:

  1. Uninstall Code42
  2. Delete the following directory from your device:  C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan
  3. Download the Code42 app from the administration console App Downloads screen.
  4. Double-click the EXE file, then click Next to begin the installation wizard.
  5. For Installation Type, click Next to accept the default setting, Everybody (all users).
  6. Sign in to your Code42 app.
  7. Determine how much memory your Code42 app needs:
  8. Backup selection sizeRecommended memory setting (MB)
    1.5 TB or 1.5 million files1536
    2 TB or 2 million files2048
    2.5 TB or 2.5 million files2560
    3 TB or 3 million files
  9. With the Code42 app open, use this keyboard shortcut:  Ctrl+Shift+C
  10. Enter the command:
    java mx nnnn,restart
    where nnnn is the number for the new memory setting.
    I used this: 
    java mx 1536,restart
  11. Press Enter.
    The Code42 app closes. The Code42 service stops. Then the Code42 service restarts.
  12. Open the Code42 app
  13. The Crashplan instructions say to reconnect your newly installed Code42 app to the backup archives created by the old app, before the symptoms occurred. But I found it automatically reconnected