Considering Visual Studio Code or Community for Django development


I'm a beginner full stack Python/Django programmer. I want either an editor or IDE that will help me with Bootstrap and Django. It must be cross-platform, although right now I'm developing in Windows.

I've considered Pycharm, and even have a 30 day trial in use. However, after 30 days, I will have to pay a monthly fee because the free version doesn't have Django support.

I'm looking at Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code, both from Microsoft, but are cross-platform. Here are some considerations and thoughts:
  1. Visual Studio Community is A fully-featured, extensible, free IDE for creating modern applications for Android, iOS, Windows, as well as web applications and cloud services.
  2. From Microsoft: 
    • Visual Studio Community is a rich IDE for creating non-enterprise apps for Android, iOS, Windows, web, and cloud.
    • Visual Studio Team Services is Agile tools, Git, and continuous integration for any language and any OS.
    • Visual Studio Code is a powerful editor that’s free, open source, and runs everywhere.
    • Visual Studio Dev Essentials – Get all of the above and more. Get all these free tools and services, plus Pluralsight training, Azure credit, downloads, and more – for free.
  3. There's now Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS)
  4. This is good instructions for installing Visual Studio and PTVS in Windows. It also has instructions for Web Essentials. I don't yet know if I need that.
  5. Visual Studio Community supports Boostrap (client side framework) and Django (server side framework.)
  6. Visual Studio Code is just an editor; however, it has extensions for bootstrap and Django.


I'm looking hard at Visual Studio.

  1. I want to try and install Visual Studio Code (an editor) with extensions
  2. If that doesn't do what I need, then I'll uninstall it all and instead install Visual Studio Community (an IDE).
  3. If that doesn't work either, I'll uninstall it and reinstall Pycharm

Steps to take

  1. Uninstall my 30 day free trial of Pycharm
  2. Install Visual Studio Code (the lightweight editor) 
  3. Install this extension: Python (published by Microsoft) – for full Python language support (When I installed this extension, I got a message saying "Git not found. Install it or configure it using the 'git.path' setting." I clicked on "don't show again" rather than "download git." I think this allows git version control but I'm not sure. It doesn't appear that I need it.
  4. Install this extension: Django Template – for template file source highlighting
  5. Install this extension: Django Snippets – for common Django code
  6. Followed the instructions at Automationpanda
  7. Then install the Bootstrap extension.?
  8. Work with what I just installed. See what that does. Can I stop here? If not, go to the next step.
  9. Uninstall Visual Studio Code with Python exensions
  10. Install Visual Studio Community (IDE) and Python tools (PTVS). See the link in the Background section above for installation instructions in Windows. Include Bootstrap and Django support if it's not already there 
  11. If I don't like either version of Visual Studio, I could return to Pycharm


  1. Free bootstrap themes:
  2. Watch The Absolute beginner's guide to Bootstrap

Solved! Lastpass Google Authenticator keeps asking for authentication in Firefox Quantum

I learned from another user that firefox quantum creates an extension cookie. Lastpass stores some settings in this cookie. When you (or firefox) deletes this cookie then these settings are lost.
You have to set an exception in firefox.

In firefox goto options => privacy & security => history => exceptions
To get the adres for the cookie you have to open the lastpass vault in the firefox extension. In the url bar you see the lastpass extension adres.
example: moz-extension://475667033-7653-w546-g436-g55757c76565/vault.html (Do not copy this adres, use the one from the url bar)
Copy and paste this adres as the exception adres for the cookie => moz-extension://475667033-7653-w546-g436-g55757c76565
Click Allow and save changes
When this exception is set the lastpass should remember your setting.