Logitech Options was using Crashplan's port 4244

My Code42 Crashplan Pro sometimes stops. I have to restart it in services.msc

  1. I'm on Windows 10
  2. After some research, I guessed it may be a memory problem. I've tried fixing it before, but could never the .ini file that Crashplan wants me to find and edit. Here's the link I found this time, but still the same problem: http://crashplan.probackup.nl/remote-backup/support/q/keeps-stopping-and-starting.en.html
  3. Then with more reserach, such as looking in the Crashplan log, I see it may be a port conflict. When I run netstat -abno from the command line, I see that LogiOptionsMgr.exe is using the same port that Crashplan was trying to use, which is
  4. This is my bluetooth mouse. I found out that I have the Logitech Options Software installed, and I don't need, and that's what's using the port.
  5. So I uninstalled it. Hopefully, no more stopping.


Amazon unknown charge

I started investigating the charge at 6:30 this morning. First I scoured my email, then I scoured my amazon account, then I had a 45 minute chat with Amazon who evenutally sent me to billing, who found your name on the charge. All in all, my total time was 1 and a half hours. Amazon is not easy to contact.


Me:Unknown charge of $4.32
You are now connected to Shubham from Amazon.com
Shubham:Hello, my name is Shubham. I'm here to help you today.
Shubham:May i know the date of charge and the last 4 digit of your card
Me:last 4 digits are 0060
and date is October 31
Shubham:Thank you
Please stay connected
Shubham:I am sorry it is taking longer than expected
Please stay connected
Shubham:thank you for your patience
I have just checked and as there is an unknown charge i need to connect a call for you
COuld you please help me with the order ID
Me:I don't have an order ID. That's why I'm contacting you.
I needed your contact number
Me:do you mean my phone number?
I need to arrange a call for you with our billing team
Shubham:thank you for your patience
No need to worry now you will be receiving a call from our billing team regarding the charge and surely get this sorted
Please be rest assured just answer the call when it rings
Shubham:Is there anything i can help you with
Shubham:Thank you for contacting Amazon. Please click on the "End Chat" to close this window.


Gaining ownership of shared files and folders in G-Drive

If you don't want to use synch (which many folks don't like), you can do a direct download, and then upload to a new folder owned by you.

Some facts

  1. Google Takeout is one way to download files and folders from G-Drive. But it is designed to help you get copies of your data, so it only includes items you own. This can take a long time but it will create a zip file. The result will be that all files and folders not owned by you will be omitted.
  2. Instead you can use Ctrl-A or Shift to mark all the folders, then right click, then download. This can take a long time but it will create a zip file. Files and folders not owned by you will be included.
  3. It is recommended, if you are doing a direct download of more than 5 GB, use synch instead.  
  4. It's important that your settings allow for the files to be converted (such as google docs converted to Microsoft Word, and so on.)
  5. To ensure a smooth download, Google normally limits the zip files to 2GB and the number of files to 500 per folder. Exceeding this limit will result in Google drive zip failed error. Google normally splits archives larger than 2GB into multiple zip files.
  6. However, selecting the tbz or tgz format for your archive increases the size limit to 50GB, making it less likely for Google to split your archive. Note that you may need to install special software to unpack a tbz or tgz archive.
  7. Experts have explained that the ‘zip failed’ issue only exists when using the Microsoft’s built-in zip utility, so the best way to fix it by use of an alternative zip application. Use the 7-zip application to extract the files.  
  8. If you have difficulties, clear caches and cookies.
  9. Google Drive Zip Failed errors can be temporary. Therefore, if you’re getting the Google Drive Zip failed, Zip creation failed or Zip failed login error, it could be just something with the server, so try again in a couple more hours.
  10. I found that Edge downloads and uploads faster than Chrome.
  11. I CAN rename a shared folder. The guardians will still be able to see it 

Solved! Stopped my Ecovacs Deebot M80 from cleaing at 2 am

The Problem -- It wakes up without my consent

My Ecovacs Deebot M80 wakes up around 2 am and cleans. What I've tried:
  1. Pulling out its battery for a rest before putting it back in
  2. Searching the app on my phone for such a setting but there was none
  3. Used the remote to turn off the schedule by pressing the timer button for 3 seconds but it didn't make any difference

The Solution -- The Reset Button

After more googling, I found someone else who had contacted Ecovacs, and this was th
With the Deebot turned on, open the cover, and press a pin into the little hole next to the hinge. Hold for three seconds. Wait for the Deebot to beep three times. This does a reset