Saturday, October 19, 2019

Solved! Pedometers not working on Moto Z4

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When trying yet another pedometer app (this one is called "Pedometer - Step Counter" I did this

  1. My profile
  2. How to fix the "stop counting steps" issue
  3. Update settings
  4. Next
  5. Go to set
  6. All apps
  7. Pedometer - Step Counter (or whatever is the name of your pedometer)
  8. Battery optimization
  9. Click "ALL APPS" this is important
  10. Click on don't optimize

So then I figured out how to get right to "Battery Optimization." Just go to settings, and type into the search "battery optimization."

My final solution

What I really like is Walklogger. So I uninstalled the other one, installed Walklogger, went to settings, "battery optimization," clicked "all apps," found Walklogger, and clicked "don't optimize."

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