Solved! Easier way to add TV Shows to Plex with no renaming

Some Notes

  • I have a tv show on my plex media server hard drive that has four seasons. 
  • I want to keep my conventional folder naming style for Windows. That is, I have four folders for the four seasons, and then each episode has the episode number and name the way I want it
  • I tried to put the four folders into a Plex TV Shows folder, but got no luck. My googling also showed that I would have to use a specific naming convention, which I don't want to do.

  1. I ditched the Plex TV Shows folder
  2. I created a Plex Personal Video folder instead
  3. I named the playlist the name of my tv show
  4. I found a way to add all four folders at once to the playlist
  5. As a result, I can watch all the episode without them stopping after each one

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