Quicken 2019 Premier asks for Quicken ID, then crashes

When I opened my quicken app this morning, it put up a full screen window asking for my Quicken ID and password. Quicken does occasionally ask for this but never in full screen so I already suspected something was wrong.

Once I put the password and id in, it said "success," then showed the quicken app as usual, where I could see the register contents of my top account, but the accounts were not scrollable.

I tried several times going in and out of quicken, and got two different results when I tried putting in the userid and pw again, which it asked for every time I opened quicken.

One result was the "success" and then the dead registers. The other result was a crash window from quicken asking if I wanted to send log data, which I did.

The Windows restore that didn't work

I tried restoring windows because yesterday I had done an update. That didn't work.

The Chat that didn't work

The chat guy insisted that I move my quicken file because I was backing up to the cloud. This made no sense because the folder storing quicken was not part of any cloud sync process that I had. He got me to restore an older (supposedly uncorrupted) file, which worked, until I got off the chat, and tried to run a manual quicken backup for old time's sake. That's when I got message from quicken saying "unable to write to drive C:" followed by a second message "file is not backed up."

Then I started googling.

The Answers

Windows Security Defender Ransomware Protection

Yesterday, I had also discovered that Windows Defender now has ransomware protection. And from googling the quicken problem today, I see that the Windows Security Defender Ransomware Protection blocks quicken.

So I turned off the controlled folder access for ransomware protection. Some people make quicken an exception instead, but I'm fed up with Windows so I shut it down.

I also noticed in Windows notifications that it had blocked nassche.exe (my backup NAS device!) and qw.exe (this one is quicken). So I know this was a problem, and once ransomware was turned off, Quicken was happy once more.


In addition, I had also set up onedrive yesterday, but only synching my desktop. I learned from googling the quicken problem that Onedrive can interfere with Quicken as well (and apparently other cloud services can interfere with Quicken too). I got rid of Onedrive this morning (uninstalled it).


I'm pretty sure what fixed my problem was the ransomware protection but for other people it could be OneDrive or some other cloud backup.


Someone suggested that the quicken backup file names shouldn't be too long, so I fixed that too.