Solved! How to see all my drive pictures from anywhere

Step by step reasoning

  1. I had 100 GB paid storage at 1.99 per month, and was using about 35 GB of it for almost all my files that are not pics or videos.
  2. I wasn't my putting pics there at all because my pictures file is enormous (400 GB). My windows pics are all videos and pictures mixed.
  3. There are three tiers of Google Drive Storage Plans:
    1. 15 GB for free  
    2. 100 GB at 1.99 per month
    3. 200 GB at 2.99 per month or a discounted annual fee
    4. 2 TB at 9.99 per month or a discounted annual fee
  4. I don't want google to have any control over my pics (ie synching)
  5. I do already use google's new feature that does real-time auto-backups of anything I want from my computer to Google's new folder called "Computers." I use it mostly for scans, and they're all in one folder in "My Documents."
  6. I decided to use that same feature to backup the entire pictures folder to google drive. It would also go to the "Computers" folder because that's what Google Drive offers.
  7. So now I have two folders getting uploaded to "Computers." So I had to change the setting to say never delete what got uploaded. This means that moving forward, I do have to delete what's in the scan folder on my hard drive once in a while, as I like to keep that empty. I don't need those scans on my hard drive. But I do want my pictures!
  8. Because I started with 400 GB of pictures, I thought I would have to upgrade to the 2TB plan, which costs $10 per month. 
  9. But as mentioned my pictures have videos mixed in, and I realize I don't have a pressing need to put the movies on Google Drive.  I was able to use a ccleaner feature to find out that without the movies, my pictures only add up to about 75 GB. And the Gdrive upload feature I'm using lets me exclude files! So I excluded all the movie filetypes I could think of. This means I only have to upgrade from the 100 GB (1.99 per month) storage to the 200 GB (2.99 per month) storage.
  10. And because the 200 GB plan gives you a discount for paying annually, which I've chosen to do, it's really only $2.50 a month for the 200 GB plan. So I'm only paying fifty cents more per month now than I was before.
  11. I am going to keep crashplan. Better a belt and suspenders.