Setting up Google Authenticator on a replacement android phone

If you have your old phone
  1. Use your old phone to bring up Google Authenticator
  2. That gives you the list of apps that you have to transfer over to Google Authenticator on your new phone
  3. Now install Google Authenticator on your new phone
  4. On the new phone, go to the first app in the list and log in.
  5. If it prompts you for an authenticator code, get that code from your old phone
  6. Your goal is to have Google Authenticator take a picture of the scancode (barcode, whatever) with your new phone. Depending onn the current app, you may need to choose
    1.  "change authentication device" OR
    2.  "add new authentication method" OR
    3.  "reset authentication method"
  7. Take the picture with the bar code on your new phone
  8. Now repeat the process by going to the second app, third app, etc.
If you don't have your old phone:

  1. This depends on the app: We think there's a prompt where it asks for the authenticator code, where it says "lost my authenticator device," so click that. 
  2. Follow the instructions (we've never tried it)
  3. If that doesn't work, as at the Verizon store