I emailed Joe Rossi this morning

I emailed Joe Rossi this morning. I should have done it sooner, but I sat on it.
Subject: A different perspective on the comment made by Jennifer Hewitt Bishop
Hello. I'm a person who lives in Jersey City (a city considered the second most diverse in our country). I may have a different perspective on what Jennifer Hewitt Bishop said, and which I hope you will take a few moments to consider, just as I have taken a few moments to construct this email for you.
Her comment, although not well constructed, may be an attempt at being diversity-minded and descriptive, with no real intent of judgment. I ran across the following article which describes cultural differences in parenting, and which illustrates my point. Here's just one quote, but I hope you read the article "Both in Japan and Norway, parents are focused on cultivating independence. Children do things alone early, whether it’s walking to school or to the movies."

When people make comments that sound racist, sometimes those comments are indeed racist. But don't we need to ask them first "what did you mean by that"? After all, acknowledging cultural differences is not only not racist, but inclusive. It's a slippery area.
I realize that to consider this perspective can cause political problems. But isn't it the right thing to do anyway? Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this view.
Sincerely, Mrs. Linda Moran