Solved! Gdrive sharing not including some subfolders


  1. I had created a top level folder in gdrive and moved all my folders into it. That way, I could share the entire top level folder with one particular person
  2. But I found that only some of the subfolders got shared
  3. No amount of googling found me this problem or any answer
  4. I finally decided to try just re-creating new subfolders and moving all the contents. Then I deleted the old, empty, and what-I-consider-to-be-corrupted folders. Easy Peasy
  5. Now all the subfolders are properly shared


Solved! Quickly and easily learn who has access to anything on your Gdrive

  1. Run
  2. Wait for the results
  3. Click on any picture to drill down on what they have access to
  4. When you're done, remember to press the button that deletes all your info from the whohasacess server

If you're worried about the safety of the above link, check it out with first. It's safe.