Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sideload Google Play on Fire Tablet HD 8 7th Generation

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Beware. Some instructions are just sales ads disguised as instructions.

But I found this easy set of instructions from Laptop Magazine.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Solved! Epson WF-2660 printing uniformely faded printouts

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The difference is whether I print from the cloud or the network. From the cloud, it's faded. 

From the network, it's not.

In the print dialogue, change the quality back to "standard" and it should stay that way.

It appears that the default got changed to draft.

This was hard to find in the print dialogue. Look closely.

Solved! Network Drive has a red x after boot

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It's been a problem since the beginning of time. All it takes is clicking on the drive to fix the problem. However, I have a scheduled app that runs on a schedule. It fails if I don't explicitly open that folder. That's kinda a pain.

The Solution

  1. Check what speed your network adapter is connecting at. You can find this in Network and Sharing Center. Or find instructions here. Mine is 1.0 Gbps
  2. Go to control panel - network and sharing center
  3. Change adapter settings
  4. Right-click the correct adapter and click properties
  5. Click Configure
  6. Go to Advanced tab
  7. Scroll down to Speed & Duplex and set this manually to whatever you are currently connected at. I set mine to 1.0 Gbps
  8. Click OK, then OK and reboot, and see that there's no red X.