The worst Customer Care Chat I've ever experienced

They left out the "care" in Customer Care

In these evasive responses, blatant lies, and defense of bad practices, Rite Aid Customer Care left out the "care" in Customer Care. I've highlighted some of it. 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:42:48 AM): Linda Moran, thank you for contacting Rite Aid Customer Care Center. How may I help you? 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:44:12 AM): I can't find the answer to this anywhere, and I really need you to find out...when scheduling for the Covid vaccine in New Jersey I see that Rite Aid offers appointments in PA and NY as well. If I live in New Jersey and arrange an appointment in New York, will there be any problems? Will I be turned away? 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:44:29 AM): You must be a resident in your scheduled vaccination location's state to receive the vaccine in that state. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:44:59 AM): Then why does the Rite Aid scheduling site offer appointments in surrounding states? 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:45:13 AM): It list all appointments in a 50 mile radius by default. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:46:18 AM): And so if someone schedules one of those appointments, what will happen when they show up for their vaccine? 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:46:47 AM): They will be turned away. We do recommend patients read all the Vaccination rules and regulations before signing up for the vaccine. All Covid-19 Vaccine information currently available with Rite Aid can be found via This link is for information only and is not a scheduler. Please note you will have to follow the scheduling procedures on your state's health department website to sign up for vaccination. Rite Aid is not able to assist with vaccination Sign Up. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:48:58 AM): Okay here's the thing. I live in New Jersey, and last week I went to my New York appointment... 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:49:35 AM): and they gave me my vaccine. My followup is in three weeks, at that same New York location. Will they turn me away for my second vaccine?  

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:50:03 AM): You may contact the pharmacy the morning of your appointment to verify the appointment information. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and confusion this has caused you. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:51:31 AM): This is not an inconvenience. If you cancel me the day of my followup vaccine appointment, I'm in danger of not being able to receive it anywhere in time. Therefore, you must follow through on the commitment that you made to me 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:51:47 AM): I am sorry, You may contact the pharmacy the morning of your appointment to verify the appointment information. I am truly sorry the inconvenience and confusion this has caused you. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:54:12 AM): That's not good enough... 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:54:28 AM): I can't wait until the day of the appt to find out if I'm getting my followup vaccine... 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:54:43 AM): If you can't help me with this, please get me to someone who can...NOW 
Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:55:37 AM): Rite Aid Customer Care cannot assist with this issue as I have stated above you will need to contact the scheduled location the day of the appointment to verify the appointment information.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:56:02 AM): Please connect me to a supervisor 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:56:53 AM): I am very sorry this issue cannot be resolved by a supervisor as Customer Care does not have access to the information you are requesting. You may contact the pharmacy the morning of your appointment to verify the appointment information. Is there anything else I can assist you with today? 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:58:09 AM): This is not a problem with the pharmacy. This is a problem that you as Rite Aid has caused by giving me the first vaccine, and now waffling on whether you will give me the second. This is a policy problem in your company, and someone at Customer Care must be able to understand the policies 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:58:39 AM): I am very sorry Customer Care cannot assist with this issue. You can contact your scheduled location to retrieve the information you have requested. 

Me (3/16/2021, 8:59:44 AM): Thank you. I hope you enjoy the fame you will soon receive all over social media 

Anthony D (3/16/2021, 8:59:50 AM): Thank you for contacting the Rite Aid Customer Care Center.  Have a great day! 

The upshot

I did not call the pharmacy, for fear they would cancel me. So I just went. I was not turned away. I was given my vaccine. 

As for the rep's claim that we should read all materials so we know to not take appointments they offer, not only is that unreasonable, but I scoured their materials. There's nothing about crossing states.

I am only now posting this, just hours after safely getting my second dose. But what they did to me caused me to have to make a second "just in case" appointment, at a CVS in New Jersey. Immediately after my vaccine, while waiting my fifteen minutes, I canceled the CVS appointment, so someone else can benefit.

The entire episode was disconcerting at best. No customer should be treated this way.

I must add one more thought: My experience actually getting the vaccination, both times, was easy and pleasant. It was at the Grand Central location in midtown.

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