Solved! Citicard was throwing errors in Google Pay

I use two cards in Google Pay, but one of them, Citicard, was declining payments more often than it was accepting them. I tried going into a chat a few months ago, but they told me I have to pick up the phone and call the fraud department. This made no sense to me.

I knew that my card had no limits placed on it, and therefore it had not been compromised. And when I did try calling that number, I got put on hold. So I gave up.

Then, this week, I tried again, returning to Chat. This time the Chat rep talked me through a procedure on the Citi site to "link" my card, but it threw an error saying my card was not eligible to be linked at this time.

When I reported this error to the rep, he fixed something, and then told me to try again in twenty-four hours. Of course I asked him what had gone wrong, and he was forthcoming. He told me there was another card already linked, and it was a card that had already been reported for fraud. Yes, I had replaced that old card months ago with this new card. I thanked him but also asked him to send up the chain that this should never have happened, as the card should have been unlinked at the time I reported it and got it replaced.

In any case, I've since tested it, and my Citicard is now working in Google Pay.

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